Choosing a Property Strategist

property strategist

Here we take a look at the process of choosing a property strategist, including some helpful tips on what your strategist will do for you, and how they can help you achieve your goals.

Before you embark on the long, rewarding journey that is property investment, there are a few key steps you will need to take in order to ensure a smooth process from the beginning. One of the first of these is assembling your team of experts who you will be working with along the way.

Your team will be vital to the prosperity of your property portfolio. They will be your eyes and ears across the spectrum of fields relevant to property investment. Members will include a mortgage broker, an accountant or financial planner, a lawyer, a property manager, and most importantly, an excellent property strategist.

There is a lot of information to understand, process and action when it comes to property investment. Your strategist – also known as a property consultant – will be your closest adviser, from the early stages of looking for your first property to managing your assets as you build your portfolio, downsizing, right up until your exit strategy, working alongside you towards your life goals. Let’s take a look at what to consider when choosing a property strategist.

What Will Your Property Strategist Do For You?

While each member of your property team will have their own area of expertise, your strategist will be there to consult you on a range of topics.

In the early stages, your strategist will be there to guide you through choosing a property, offering advice on where to hunt for the most lucrative investment opportunities. They will also open the doors to a number of off-market properties that would be inaccessible without a property consultant or strategist.

Your strategist will also be able to guide you through market analysis, negotiating leases and planning for a robust and diverse portfolio – all those things that might make your head spin, they will be there.

As your portfolio develops, your strategist will be able to analyse the financial potential of new investments and assist with the sale of assets. An excellent property consultant will reduce any risks with your investment right from the start, and will save you money and help you avoid mistakes in the long run.

Finally, in the latter stages of your property journey, your strategist can advise you on your exit strategy – whether you want to maximise income, create a generational legacy, realise capital gains or downsize into a more appropriate home. Your strategist will be there every step of the way, helping you achieve your financial goals.

property strategist

The Importance of An Excellent Property Strategist

As you can see above your property strategist is a central cog in your investment portfolio, so working with an excellent strategist is very important!

Hand Picked Opportunities

The property market can be disorienting at the best of times. A good strategist be there to make sense of it all, putting in the hard yards and providing the best hand picked opportunities for their clients, opportunities that are poised for strategic growth – the perfect investments.

Off-Market Investment Properties

Sometimes the best the very best investment opportunities are hidden off-market, available only to investors with the “inside track” – that is, investors working with an excellent property strategist with a large network of contacts and relationships in the real estate industry.

Long-Term Capital Growth

The best property strategist will be forward-thinking and committed to your long-term capital growth, helping you to reduce risks and avoid common pitfalls that lone investors often make, saving you money and ensuring a robust portfolio. In the end they are there to help you reach your financial goals, so having a committed property strategist with vested interest in your investments thriving is very important!

Finding A Property Strategist

If you are looking for an experienced and committed property strategist to guide you through your investment journey, look no further than Optimal Property Group.

Our team of experts is constantly researching market trends in all major cities, researching developers (from high end boutique opportunities to international market leaders) and searching for the best possible value for our clients. We have exclusive Australia-wide investment property network access to on-market, off-market and pre-release developer opportunities to help find the perfect property for you.

Once a strategy is set in place our team will be there every step of the way: helping you build your team, selecting properties, diversifying your portfolio and building wealth to help you achieve your life goals.

If you have any questions about property investment in Australia and would like to speak with a property strategist, please feel free to get in touch!

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